Young's Lodge on the Chariton


Weddings at Young’s Lodge are the best! If you would like to have your wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding reception, or rehearsal dinner here at Young’s Lodge on the Chariton, use our wedding planning form and we will help you plan your big day! We also have several clergy from around the area who are licensed and willing to do your wedding! We can accommodate up to 100 people inside, and with our outdoor set-up, we can host a party for hundreds! Our special feel and location makes weddings at Young’s Lodge out of the ordinary! The special country atmosphere and décor of the lodge make your special day the best ever! Not only can you have your wedding here, you can have your honeymoon here too! You don’t even have to leave the premises! Weddings are subject to individual terms and conditions plus specific wedding terms, below:

  • All prices are subject to change at no prior notice.
  • The Lodge reserves the right to cancel a wedding without consultation – 21 days notice in writing to be given. All monies excluding deposit will be returned unless special terms and conditions agreed.

If bride and groom wish to cancel:

In the event of a cancellation between the date of booking until six months before your deposit will be forfeited. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. If you cancel from six to three months before then 33% of the estimated cost will be payable. From three months to one month before the function 66% of the estimated cost will be payable. Then if you cancel in the last month 90% of the estimated cost will be payable.

  • We attempt to offer everything as per the brochure but reserve the right to amend as necessary without prior notice.
  • Weddings are special events and bespoke packages and special requests are important, we attempt to achieve these for guests but they are only requests and cannot be guaranteed and are subject to change/ amendment or revoked until confirmed booked in your proposal.
  • Special requests and externally organised requests and can also subject to the terms and conditions of the company organising such produce, skill or equipment.
  • The proposal forms the basis of your wedding and therefore these cancellation terms.
  • We strongly recommend that our wedding parties take out cancellation insurance in case of, for example, family sickness.
  • Booking your wedding is deemed acceptance of the Young’s Lodge on the Chariton terms and conditions
  • Bride and groom to be responsible for all damages incurred

Terms and conditions as per individual booking conditions, However cancellation policy is different and deposits are forfeited one month before the package commences and cancellation within 1 month of the package commencing results in the full amount being charged.

Yount Bouquet Boy at Young's Lodge
Couple Hugging at Young's Lodge
Cyn & Dave - Young's Lodge Weddings
Bridal Bouquet at Young's Lodge Wedding
Wedding Party at Young's Lodge
Wedding Catering at Young's Lodge