Young's Lodge on the Chariton

Hunting Opportunities at Young’s Lodge

North Central Missouri offers some of the finest hunting you’ll find. Our population of white tail deer is abundant with some truly beautiful trophy bucks in the area. Young’s Lodge’s hunting area has a combination of factors that will make your experience one that you will want to repeat every year.

Our 311 acres contain an abundance of old growth and hills that the trophy bucks love to call home. The neighboring cropland and an adjacent river provide nourishment for the game, but they live the majority of their lives among the cover that our property provides. Native wild turkeys and pheasants can also be found.

All game hunting at Young’s Lodge must happen during the seasons and following the rules and regulations provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation. This does not mean that the outdoors can only be enjoyed during hunting season. Bring your camera and binoculars outside of the season and capture your trophy on disk.

Missouri White Tailed Deer

These gorgeous deer are Missouri White-Tail Deer (Odocoileus virginianus virginianus) and are native to North America and can be found throughout the United States with exception to many of the far western states.

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Native Wild Turkey

Spring is turkey breeding season, and the gobbler’s desire to breed hens gives you an edge. Take advantage of it. Increased daylight signals a shift toward mating time for hens.

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Pheasant hunting is both an American pastime and outdoor tradition which renews its roots every fall as countless individuals and families set out to pursue the King of Gamebirds.

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Chariton River is an outdoor mecca In spite of channelization, this river continues to offer hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreational opportunities in northeast Missouri. Changes to the stream channel don’t mean anglers should mark the Chariton off their list.

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