Epic… Epic… Epic…


EPIC…EPIC…EPIC….Those were the words of Jeremiah Pagett Compton, who was in attendance in a show of support for our first Off-Road event! The turnout was unprecedented and the hundreds of awesome people who participated in the event!

A super special thanks goes out to the following people for all their hard work and effort in preparation of this event. Ben Elliott, and family, Jamill Teter, Cindy Teter, Hunter Young, Cynthia Green, Scott Teter, Jeremy Teter, Denise Duden McVay, Jeff McVay, Red Bull, Joey from Extreme Recreation, Congratulations to Damien Jacobus and Jennifer Luddington who got engaged at our event, Debbie and Jeff Ross, Chris Leathers, Bobby Weber, and everyone else who made this event such a great success.

Wow…everyone had such a good time….awesome…thanks so much for everyone in attendance and we look forward to another event in the future…Please post your videos and pictures to Young’s Lodge too on You Tube, we so appreciate it and have your friends like our page to stay updated!