Young’s Lodge Oktoberfest

On Saturday, October 25, 2014, Young’s Lodge on the Chariton, in association with Scotty’s Auction Service and Compton’s Liquidation Center is proud to present Ocktoberfest! Join us for an elegant evening of specialty wine and beer tasting, door prizes, steak and lobster dinners, fantastic music, charity auction, exceptional craft and vendor displays, artwork, tours, and information about the future plans for the lodge as we prepare to become the destination of choice in Northeast Missouri. If you would like to donate a special item or items for this wonderful event, please contact us via Facebook, viagra india, or call us at 660-768-5654. We will keep you posted as the event gets closer! “Like” us on Facebook to keep abreast of all we offer.

FAQ: Riverfest & Off-Road Adrenaline Series

We have had a few questions about the different events on July 19th. Our last event was such a great success that we have decided to have two separate events that are sure to provide you with tons of entertainment and fun! There will be cash drawings as well! Have your friends like us to stay updated with all of our different events!!! Feel free to share our status.

Sponsors like Budweiser, Chariton Valley Telephone, Ben Franklin, Ole Beaumont and others have already donated nearly two thousand dollars in prizes for the Riverfest treasure hunt with more coming in daily! If you would like to be a vendor for the event, please contact us asap.

We will be providing food and refreshments. The Refreshment area will be a common area to both events However, participants must remain in their designated event areas for safety reasons.

These are two separate events. The Riverfest Beach Party, and for the off roaders, the Young’s Lodge” Off-Road Adrenaline Series” ride will be the same day! Each event will have a different wristband.

The admission fee for the off road event will be the same as the last event: $5 for spectators, $15 for ATV’s, and $20 for Razer class vehicles and up. Safety rules must be followed and will be strictly enforced during this event for the safety of the participants of both events. Off road tickets are only available at the gate.

Sorry, motorcycles are not permitted at this event. The beach will be closed to off road vehicles for this event because of the beach activities, however more trails have been opened. This will be our last public off road event for the year, until our HUGE New Years Ride!

Absolutely NO ALCOHOL will be sold to any off roader. If you wish to enter the Riverfest area and party after you are finished off roading for the day, you can get a discounted ticket for the other event but must trailer your vehicle and surrender your off road wrist bands to receive Riverfest tickets. This is for everyone’s safety.

There is no entry to the Riverfest Beach Party without a ticket. Riverfest tickets may be purchased online now at a discount, or the day of the event at regular price.

No participant in the Riverfest Beach Party may drive ATV’s for any reason. Riverfest cups are not allowed in any ATV area or they will be surrendered. Riverfest participants may not enter the ATV area.

No one under 21 will be sold alcohol during the beach event and no glass is allowed on the property whether you come for the ATV event, or float down the river. Floaters on the river must purchase a wristband if they wish to participate in Riverfest. ID’s required. Tent camping is $10. Be safe…do not drive drunk!

We want this to be a safe and fun event for everyone. Sorry, but we reserve the right to deny serving alcohol to anyone deemed unsafe. Security will be tightly enforced! If you have questions, please message us. we will keep you updated with the event schedule This will be an awesome day!! Another Epic event at Young’s Lodge!

Off-Road, TAKE 2 & Riverfest!

Ready for our next big event? Our next event is a double header!! On July 19th, Young’s Lodge on The Chariton will host its 2nd Event in the Off-Road Adrenaline Series and will also sponsor our first “Riverfest” which will be on our fantastic white sand beach on the Chariton River! There were over 500 people at the last event!

New trails will be opened up on the property for the off-road crowd, and Bands will be performing on the beach with float trips and prizes for the best floats, bikini, tan, and other contests to be held during the Riverfest extravaganza!

These will be two separate events, but a joint ticket will get you both. More sponsors like Budweiser, Red Bull, Extreme Recreation and others will be there too! Food will be served all day and late into the evening! Stay posted and have your friends “like” our page to keep informed of the activities that day! Don’t miss this one!

Epic… Epic… Epic…

EPIC…EPIC…EPIC….Those were the words of Jeremiah Pagett Compton, who was in attendance in a show of support for our first Off-Road event! The turnout was unprecedented and the hundreds of awesome people who participated in the event!

A super special thanks goes out to the following people for all their hard work and effort in preparation of this event. Ben Elliott, and family, Jamill Teter, Cindy Teter, Hunter Young, Cynthia Green, Scott Teter, Jeremy Teter, Denise Duden McVay, Jeff McVay, Red Bull, Joey from Extreme Recreation, Congratulations to Damien Jacobus and Jennifer Luddington who got engaged at our event, Debbie and Jeff Ross, Chris Leathers, Bobby Weber, and everyone else who made this event such a great success.

Wow…everyone had such a good time….awesome…thanks so much for everyone in attendance and we look forward to another event in the future…Please post your videos and pictures to Young’s Lodge too on You Tube, we so appreciate it and have your friends like our page to stay updated!

Young’s Lodge Off-Road Event

Virgin trails cut for our first event. We have opened 80 acres for our first event, with 300 acres to be opened for our second event.

Camping available on beach for $15 tent. Lodge sold out already on this date. Monster hills and sand beach!

$20 Vehicle $5 Spectators/Passengers.

Food and Drink on site. No glass bottles allowed.

Pre-buy your Young’s Lodge Off-Road Event Series T-shirts now for only $10!

Pre-Gaming Fun!

Just a little”Pre-Gaming” before the big event! This is going to be one heck of a good time! Come on out and join the fun, May 3……11:00a.m…………..Let’s make some noise!!!

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